Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Protector's Claim by Airicka Phoenix - Cover Reveal + Giveaway

Title: Protector’s Claim
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Genre: Dark Romance
Publication Date: Oct. 31st, 2017
Gabrielle Thornton
I made a mistake.
I allowed myself to be born. I allowed myself access into a life that wasn’t mine, and for that, I had willingly submitted my body and soul to a man whose sadistic pleasures knew no bound, a man who relished in my pain as much as he craved my flesh.
A monster I would do anything to escape.
But what if I could make it stop? What if the cost of freedom was a single night in a stranger’s arms? What if one final sin was all I needed to commit to find peace?
 Kieran Kincaid
I had always known of the sickness that lived inside my father, the demons who controlled the man. His death was a blessing to every innocent he’d destroyed with his dark hunger.
Yet, despite his demise becoming my curse, a shackle trapping me in his twisted secrets, it lured me to it, too. It promised me the thing I coveted above all else. It seduced me deeper into the world I wish I knew nothing of, but there was no turning back, not even if by accepting, by taking what didn’t belong to me made me a monster like him.
Gabby would finally be mine.
Airicka Phoenix is a multi-genre author of novels starring strong female leads and sexy alpha heroes. She started her journey after never finding the type of books she wanted to read. Her love of tortured souls and forbidden romance carried her into writing her own hard-earned happiness. Currently, she lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her babies and can be found hard at work on her next project. For more about Airicka, visit her at AirickaPhoenix.com FOLLOW AIRICKA’S NEWSLETTER  for updates, new releases, sneak peeks, and more.(no spamming. Promise) AIRICKA’S NEWSLETTER → http://bit.ly/2xeO3Pl JOIN AIRICKA ON . . .  INSTAGRAM → http://bit.ly/2hmbhLO FACEBOOK → http://bit.ly/2hqScFG TWITTER → http://bit.ly/2hn5fI1 BOOKBUB → http://bit.ly/2lEuozU GOODREADS → http://bit.ly/2hFF9zi PINTEREST → http://bit.ly/2hm8qCH WEBSITE → http://bit.ly/2gxoIr8 AIRICKA'S COZY CORNER → http://bit.ly/2vZ6of2 AIRICKA'S INFERNAL PLAYGROUND → http://bit.ly/2gsYBy9 Looking for your next read? » Amazon → http://amzn.to/2xcUxhi » Barnes & Noble → http://bit.ly/2gsSyd4 » iBooks → http://bit.ly/2gRXj0V » Signed Paperbacks → http://bit.ly/2hbSKkW AIRICKA’S ELITE PROMO TEAM → http://bit.ly/2hbXK9k

Thursday, 31 August 2017

1 month till Rebellious Heart's release! 99 cent pre-order + HUGE AUTHOR GIVEAWAY!!!

We've officially reached the 1 month countdown to Rebellious Heart's release!

The price has been dropped just for you to just 99 cents, so make sure you pre-order now before September 30. The entire Molten Heart saga has also been reduced, so now is your chance to catch up before Rebellious Heart is released.

Pre-order your copies below:

Amazon US: http://a.co/13P9udR
Amazon UK: http://amzn.eu/eE7wwDE
Nook: http://tinyurl.com/y75ohm8s
Kobo: http://tinyurl.com/y99kj2qq
iBooks: http://tinyurl.com/ybce2tkn

There's also a HUGE MULTI- AUTHOR GIVEAWAY I'm involved in. You can win a $50 Amazon gift card! Enter below!

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Magnus's Defeat by Airicka Phoenix - Release Day!





Title: Magnus's Defeat Series: Sons Of Judgment, #3 Author: Airicka Phoenix Genre: Urban Paranormal Release Date: Aug 16, 2017


He swore to end her.   All Magnus had to do was pick up a package and get his brother’s child back. A simple task that any Caster worth his salt could have done in his sleep, except nothing had been that simple for him in years.   For centuries, Magnus relished in the slaughter and annihilation of the demon race. Ridding the world — and hell — of every last one was an oath he was determined to keep. But Magnus had his own gnawing beasts devouring his soul with memories of a past he was powerless to change.   Zara was something else. She was beautiful and powerful, and the very definition of evil. Yet everything about her called to him, beckoned him to forget his nightmares and vengeance. She could fix everything if he would just submit, but she was the very thing who had ruined him in the first place and Magnus submitted to no one.   But Zara proves to be much more than just the source of his agony. She’s a key to ending the war, a power that can tilt the scales and save them all, or will she be the reason he loses everything?   She may end him first.





Get the whole set for ONLY $0.99 EACH for a limited time! _____________________________________________

















  Airicka Phoenix is a multi-genre author of novels starring strong female leads and sexy alpha heroes. She started her journey after never finding the type of books she wanted to read. Her love of tortured souls and forbidden romance carried her into writing her own hard-earned happiness. Currently, she lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her babies and can be found hard at work on her next project.
For more about Airicka, visit her at AirickaPhoenix.com


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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Rebellious Heart - Cover reveal and the concept behind the cover!

Hey guys,
So, i've been a bad author and have been sitting on this pretty thing for a few weeks now. But now i can finally show it to you! I'm so excited because this is my favourite book of the trilogy and thus, my favourite cover of the series.
After i show you the cover, though, i'm going to tell you the concept behind the cover, and the meaning of the imagery and what it represents. Book covers are not all just pretty pictures, you know. Most of the time, they have meaning and a representation of an aspect of the story and themes in the book.
So, without further ado, here's the blurb and cover for Rebellious Heart!


Four years after Skye became the youngest president in history, and returned precious resources to her people,
She had hoped this would mean the end of the war.
But there is still a threat.
An enemy once thought dead has returned from the grave to exact revenge, and he won’t rest until he gets what he wants.
In the quest to give herself some credibility despite her young age, and to defeat their enemy, Skye, Lukas and their friends devise a plan to distract their enemy using a decoy, while they go in for the kill.
But, when their plan goes south,
Lukas and Skye must do whatever it takes to save their people and the world from ruin.
Even if it means betraying those they love the most.
In the thrilling conclusion to the Molten Heart Saga,
When matters of the heart are concerned,
Risks will be taken.

She thought she’d found utopia. She was wrong.

When i approached Desiree, my designer, and told her what i wanted for this cover, i said i wanted the following: the sky to be either aqua or a vibrant blue, the buildings to look browner than previous covers, and for Skye to be in a special ops kinda outfit welding a gun. In the book, (don't worry, i'll try not to give too much away), Skye rebels from her duties as the youngest leader in New American history and joins the fight to protect her people and her world. I wanted her look to be representative of her rebellious nature and her actions in this book.
The colour of the skye also has special meaning. It represents hope for a utopia, for a better future for Skye and Lukas and the entire country. It's a contrast to the brown skyscrapers at the bottom of the cover, which shows the world is still in turmoil. But Skye is willing to do whatever it takes to make the world better.

Rebellious Heart will be released September 30. You can pre-order your copy below:

Pre-order links:

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Omega by Karina Espinosa - Release Day Blitz!

Title: Omega
Author: Karina Espinosa
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Cover Designer: Laura Hildago
Publisher: Black Quill Publishing
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Blurb: Bodies drained of blood are scattered around New York City. With a serial killer on the loose, Mackenzie Grey is obsessed with solving the murders. She dives into her work at the Supernatural Investigative Unit to forget about the events that dismantled her Pack a year ago. When the killer makes Kenz the target, she falls down the rabbit hole and discovers she has a lot more to do with these murders than she realized.
As her past creeps up behind her, she must swallow her pride and seek aid from old and new friends.
In the epic finale of the Mackenzie Grey: Origins series, she will finally become the wolf she is destined to be…
Karina Espinosa is the Urban Fantasy author of the Sins of the Fallen series and the Mackenzie Grey novels. Infatuated with travel, pop culture, and the need to write everything down, she spends much of her days in front of a computer working on her next book, shopping online, and listening to music. With nomadic tendencies, she is currently resting her head in South Florida until the itch to move strikes again. You can usually catch her on Facebook, Instagram and live-tweeting during episodes of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Orphan Black. Follow her on social media! Author Links:
Buy Links:

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Cloven Pack Series - A spotlight on Author D. Fisher

The Cloven Pack Series
D. Fischer
On the blog today, i have an awesome looking urban fantasy / paranormal series about wolf shifters! The author asked me if i could give her a shoutout, and of course i couldn't refuse! Because, just look at these awesome books! I hope you enjoy and maybe discover a new-to-you author!

A Gifted Curse (The Cloven Pack Series: Book One)
If you had an extra sense, would you consider it a curse . . . or a gift? What if it stood in the way of everything you’ve ever wanted?
Makenna Goldwin has spent her life knowing she’s different. She was born cursed with a gift and blind to the true meaning of it. Alone and distrustful, she’s determined to survive in a world where she has no one, except herself.
As Alpha to the Cloven Pack, Evo Johnson has a duty to protect his wolves. He has every intention of keeping their race a secret, even if that means hunting down the deranged rogue shifter who is threatening to expose them.
When Evo and Makenna meet, the sparks fly, but neither one is ready to accept the truths that lay in front of them.

Caught in the Crossfire (The Cloven Pack Series: Prequel)
The Cloven Pack struggles through rough times with a sadistic Alpha. With no relief in sight, will they be able to find a way to rid themselves of this burden? Or will a life have to be sacrificed to save another?

Caught in the Crossfire, a short story Prequel to A Gifted Curse (The Cloven Pack Series: Book One), is a twisted tale of love and rebellion. Dive into the past with the Cloven Pack’s mated pair, Kelsey Rylend and Jeremy Tompkin, and discover what it holds.

Out of the Darkness (The Cloven Pack Series: Book Two)
Brenna Johnson knows who her mate is. She has her entire life. But there’s one problem. Cloven Pack Beta Benjamin Grobin has no idea she’s anything other than the Alpha’s little sister. He’s blind to their predestined love and she’s ready to escape the torment of not being able to claim her mate.
Both victims of the old Alpha, Brenna and Benjamin have their own inner demons to fight. When will they realize their only salvation is each other? And will they be able to come together in time to protect the Pack?
When two enemies of the Cloven Pack surface and promise retaliation, the Pack must work together to defend their territory and those within it.
Out of the Darkness is the second book in the Cloven Pack series, a paranormal shifter romance.

Keep a look out – the last book in this series will arrive in September, 2017

D. Fischer is a mother of two very busy boys, a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband, and an owner of two hyper sock-loving dogs and an attention seeking fat cat. Together, they live in a quiet little corner in a state that’s located in the middle of the great USA.
D. Fischer is, by no means, an expert in literature, but a book lover at heart. After her kids are tucked in and fast asleep in their dream worlds, she spends most of her evenings buried in Paranormal Science Fiction books, but her dream as been to publish one of her own – not for fame, but for an easy read for all of the other Paranormal Science Fiction lovers out there.
D. Fischer dedicates her books to those exhausted fathers, mothers, and hard-working citizens who just want to come home, sit down, and relax into a world that isn’t their own.